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Premarital Intercourse, A Sin?

The Bible was written in primarily two languages: Hebrew (Outdated Testomony) and Greek (New Testomony). However we, who converse English, need to depend on interpretations of what scripture says primarily based on the translations used to outline phrases. Sadly, lots of the translations of those phrases are significantly faraway from the precise that means of the unique phrases. Then we’ve got new variations of the Bible which are much more faraway from the unique textual content giving the reader a very completely different interpretation of what the scripture means.

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Hebrew and Greek have exact meanings of the phrases they outline. If the translations of those phrases should not as exact as the unique phrases used, they result in misinformation and a lack of knowledge of the phrase of God and complete new doctrines emerge which are the antithesis of God’s authentic intent.

The opposite facet of that is taking the interpretation of the phrases out of historic context. If God is offering us info with exact phrases throughout the historic context it was written in, and you alter the that means of the phrases by improper translation disregarding its historic context, you alter the entire dynamics of that piece of scripture, and thus unusual teachings evolve that type the “traditions of males.”

Take for instance the comply with piece of scripture:

“There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.” – Deuteronomy 23:17-18

What does that imply? Utilizing our language to decipher this piece of scripture and never analyzing it with the historic context it was written in, you’d assume it says “no girl is usually a whore who’s a daughter of Israel and no man is usually a gay who’s a son of Israel,” proper?

However that is not the right interpretation. The reason being as a result of the time period “whore” and the time period “sodomite” should not translated appropriately from the Hebrew.

How have you learnt what the right definition of “whore” and “sodomite” are? You would want to search for the Hebrew phrase for it. And the perfect place is Robust’s Numbers. Robust’s Numbers are an index of each phrase within the authentic biblical textual content.


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